The Wellness Wednesday Weekly Podcast

EP8: MEDITATION - Forgiveness of Self

Finding a way to extend Forgiveness to Ourselves is one of our most essential tasks. It is a worthwhile practice to do daily. Give Your Self this moment of Meditation, Reflection & Introspection.

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Jodie Rufty, RYT *Music: Front Room Media *Editor: Damar Mercado-Hastings

EP7: Love & Kindness Meditation

Give yourself a moment of guided introspection & reflection with this "metta" meditation. It involves mentally sending Goodwill, Kindness, and Warmth towards Yourself & Others by silently repeating a series of phrases.

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Jodie Rufty, RYT *Music: Front Room Media *Editor: Damar Mercado-Hastings

EP6: COVID-19 … The Cocktail & Vaccines

Are you a … Pro-Vaxxer? Anti-Vaxxer? Skeptic? On the fence? Listen to our recent convo (recorded on April 9th) breaking down some info on COVID-19, The ANTIBODY COCKTAIL that was given to former President Trump, and some truths about the VACCINES on the market.

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Roger Battacharia *Editor: Damar Mercado-Hastings

EP1: Election Proofing Your Finances

Join us for our PODCAST DEBUT with some convo and a little history on how financial markets have been affected by USA elections, how your finances may be impacted, and how you can maintain power. 

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Ramona Thomas *Music: Front Room Media *Editors: Tony Tilmon & Damar Mercado-Hastings

EP5: YOGA - Access to a Real Practice

What is Yoga? What is a Practice? How do You do it?

Join Us for a talk about Yoga journeys ... And ways to explore what works best for each of us: at Home, in a Studio, or Online.

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Jodie Rufty, RYT *Music: Front Room Media *Editor: Damar Mercado-Hastings

EP4: Money Reset - A New Plan of Action for 2021

Have you done a financial wellness check & set your intentions for the New Year? Clear on your Money Goals & a Plan of Action. Listen for 5 Tips to help set yourself up for Success in 2021. 

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Ramona Thomas, Financial Advisor *Music: Front Room Media *Editor: Damar Mercado-Hastings

EP3: Traveling Diary… A Sisterhood of Stories

Grab some tea, coffee, or whatever beverage of your choosing. Sit back, relax and listen to the journey of how this local project is becoming global. You just might be inspired to join in or start your own.

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Kyra Peralte *Music: Front Room Media  *Editor: Damar Mercado-Hastings

EP2: Normalizing Grief & Cultivating Hope

Are you, or someone you know, suffering silently from grief? Having hope and seeking help are crucial to getting through it. Hear about the different stages and some proactive tips from a clinical therapist.

*Host/Producer: Damaris L Mercado *Guest: Nancy Ross Rivera, LCSW *Music: Front Room Media  *Editor: Damar Mercado-Hastings

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